Auto cad civil engineering


  • Introduction to Computer Aided Design
  • CAD Software – Introduction to various software
  • Exercises on CAD software
  • Designing construction plans using software
  • One floor Floors
  • Development of chapters and lengths
  • One floor
  • Floors Doors, windows, roofs, etc. using CAD software.
  • building details
  • Building Performance Improvement Application.


1. Students must arrive at the laboratory on time.

2. The document should be updated regularly and the previous experiment should be signed by the teachers in charge before the laboratory visit.

3. Students who come to the laboratory late will definitely not be allowed to perform the experiment planned for that day.

4. After the experiment is carried out, a certificate is requested from the responsible personnel in the observer book.

5. While doing research, students are required to carry a notebook with a maximum of 100 pages and write down their measurements/observations/results in the notebook.

6. Research notes and details of the research conducted in the previous session must be submitted and approved by the responsible official.

7. No more than five students in a group should perform the experiment.

8. The initial group separation should be respected, and mixing of students in different groups should not be allowed later.

9. After completing the application form, the necessary components for the research must be collected from the Laboratory.

10. At the end of the experiment, students must stop the structure they created and return all parts/tools they brought for this purpose.

11. Damage to equipment or burning of parts will be dealt with by disciplinary action or removal of the student group from the laboratory for the semester/year.

12. Students are required to be present in the laboratory at all scheduled times.

13. Students are expected to be well prepared to conduct the experiment before coming to the laboratory.

14. Presentations/papers sent to student groups must be kept.

15. They must be returned after being well and reviewed.


  • Boys – Casual clothes with shoes.
  • Girls – Casual clothes .
  • Skirts are prohibited .

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