Electricity Distribution Intelligent Solutions for Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks


  • Web-based dynamic system simulation and analysis using PHP programming
  • Simon Agama and Lambros Economou
  • unification of dispersed energies
  • George Seitan, Radu Porumb, Costin Capsica and Sorin Grigorescu An island detection method for distributed PV.
  • Summary and case study
  • Anastasios Kyritsis, Nick Papanikolaou, Stathis Tselepis and Christos Christodoulou
  • Using PLC technology for Smart Grid applications
  • Above the MV network: DG paradigm
  • G. Chatzis, S. Liviero and PG Cottis
  • The relationship between new production and electricity
  • Prerequisite: Course taken in Portugal
  • Pg. J.F. Torres, L. Economou and P. Karampelas
  • Robust work-learning control algorithms for uncertainty
  • Marina Vassil Ak
  • Reduce the power of System Oscillations in the best way
  • J.P.S. Mariano, J.A. N. Pombo, MRA Calado
  • Jade. Felipe de Souza
  • Schematic of three-phase LCL filter for grid-connected PWM
  • High voltage converter using bacteria collection optimization
  • Ehab HE Bayoumi
  • Real-time error correction control on transformer
  • Nikolina Petkova, Petar Yakov and Valeri Mladenov
  • Preliminary analysis – Minimum analysis for evaluation of voltage drop characteristics
  • Marios N. Moussakas.


The Global Electricity Transmission and Distribution Research Program confirms that by 2030, electricity networks will continue to operate in a way that accommodates more and more people, without compromising on traditional safety and product quality, while improving costs and environmental performance. renewable and distributed generation. Promoting local renewable energy production requires the creation of high-quality transmission and distribution networks to demonstrate the multi-source situation and the growth of renewable energy. Competition for electricity sales, electricity market reform and two-way energy supply are models adopted internationally to achieve the greatest environmental benefits and energy savings. Finally, renewable energy is a great opportunity for the electricity sector. In today’s energy market, all participants in the electricity market are trying to approach the issue effectively in order to gain competitive advantage. As explained earlier, given the significant changes and reforms currently underway in the energy sector, the present book presents smart and innovative solutions that can be applied to electricity and distribution networks to support these changes. Throughout the book, readers have the opportunity to learn about new, effective and useful software tools for examining electrical systems, issues related to distributed (distributed) generation, and the relationship between renewable energy production and ‘electricity’. new way of solving network problems and control problems, problems of deployment and distribution of security and protection networks, energy storage and energy quality, use of installed systems in transmission and distribution fields and especially issues related to energy economy. industry. We are grateful to all reviewers and contributing authors for sharing their knowledge and providing valuable resources used in the preparation of this book. We are also grateful to Springer for the opportunity to contribute to the development and sharing of the latest research in modern electronics and power distribution.

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