Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology ( Free PDF )


  • Current requirements
  • Engine names
  • Business Principles
  • Basic structure and use
  • Disposal plan for cylinders and crankshaft
  • Cylinder block, crankcase and head
  • Piston and connecting rod
  • Crankshaft assembly and key
  • Crankshaft torsional vibration dampers
  • Train• Agreed time
  • Principles of valve timing
  • Diesel engine
  • Suitable for transportation
  • Business Principles
  • Cylinder block, crankcase and head
  • Piston and connecting rod
  • Crankshaft assembly and key
  • Valve mechanism and timing drive
  • Combustion chambers and pathways
  • Basic structure of the combustion chamber
  • Combustion in a gasoline engine
  • Gasoline engine rooms
  • Combustion in diesel engines
  • Combustion chambers of diesel engines
  • Electric charging
  • anointing
  • Literature and clothing
  • How do I leave
  • Engine oil
  • Lubrication system
  • Fuel pump and pressure reducing valve
  • Oil filtration and cooling
  • Oil storage and ventilation
  • Engine cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Carburetor and fuel injection
  • Intake and exhaust system
  • Fuel injection system
  • Mandatory login
  • Ignition and starting system
  • Engine controls
  • Piston engine
  • Controversial words
  • Intermediate shaft gearbox
  • Fluid coupling and torque converter
  • Epicyclic gearbox
  • Semi-automatic and automatic
  • Excessive equipment
  • Driving lines
  • Final drive and rear wheel drive
  • All-wheel drive
  • Suspension system
  • Manual operation
  • Tires, wheels and hubs
  • Power assisted management
  • All-wheel drive
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Air brake system and durability
  • Anti-braking and traction control
  • Vehicle and aircraft conditions
  • Alternative electricity and fuel sources
  • Battery electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles


The goal of this new fourth version of Light technology and tools is to continue to provide easy-to-use information and eliminate the distinction between basic and advanced medical treatments. By understanding the reasons behind the design, construction and operation of the many and varied components of modern vehicles, the technician must be well equipped to service and repair them. Some aspects of the old car’s performance were retained in the; This is not only because the technician can be asked to test and repair the old car, but also because it is easy to practice later.

Two entirely new chapters of the book provide a comprehensive introduction to alternative energy and fuel markets, including battery-electric systems, hybrids, and fuel cells. The number of entries in the list of car abbreviations also increased to 200. Finally, as in previous editions of the book, the tradition of including brief historical notes on the development of modern automotive concepts has been continued.

The illustrations have been chosen for their special relevance to the text and, apart from those originating from the author, grateful acknowledgement is due not only to the publishers for allowing the use of illustrations from certain of their technical books, but also to the following firms and organizations who so kindly supplied the remaining illustrations and much useful background informational Piston Products Ltd, Alfa-Romeo (GB) Ltd, Alpha Automotive Productions Ltd, Automotive Products Ltd, Bainbridge Silencers Ltd, Bendix Ltd, BL-MG, Robert Bosch Ltd, John Bradshaw Vehicles, Bridgestone Tire UK Ltd, British Rubber Manufacturers’ Association Ltd, Brockhouse Transmissions Ltd, Brown Brothers Ltd, Burman and Sons Ltd, Castrol (UK) Ltd, Champion Sparking Plug Co. , Chilcott’s Ltd (Reins/Mann), Citroen UK Ltd, The Colt Car Co. Ltd (Mitsubishi), Con-Vel Division of Dana Corp. ,Coopers Payen Ltd, Cummins Engine Co. Ltd, David Brown Gear Industries Ltd, Davies Magnet, Deutz Engines Ltd, Dunlop Automotive Division, Eaton Ltd, FAG Kugelfischer (Germany), Ferodo Ltd, Fiat Auto (UK) Ltd, Ford of Europe Inc. , Frigoblock (UK) Ltd, L. Gardner & Sons Ltd, General Motors Ltd (AC Delco) (Powertrain Lansing), GKN (Hardy Spicer) (Kent Alloys) (Laycock) (Pistons) (Salisbury Transmissions) (SDF) (Tadchurch), Glacier Metal Co. Ltd, Gleason Works, USA, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. ,Haldex Brake Products, Sweden, Hendrickson Norde, Honda (UK) Ltd, Holst Engineering Co. Ltd, Hope Technical Developments Ltd, Interlube (Teca emit UK), Jacobs Europe, Jaguar Cars Ltd, Johnson Matthey (Catalytic Systems Division), Lada Cars, Lancia (Fiat), Laystall Engineering Co. Ltd, Lipe-Rollway Ltd, Lucas Ltd (CAV) (Diesel Systems)(Electrical) (Girling) (Kienzle), Mazda Cars (UK) Ltd, Mercedes-Benz (UK) Ltd, Midcyl Productions, Mintex Ltd, Nissan Motors (GB) Ltd, Nissan (UK) (Europe),NSK-RHP, Perkins Engines Ltd, Pirelli Ltd, Pressed Steel Fisher, Renault (UK) Ltd, Renold Automotive (France) (Power Transmissions Ltd), RHP Ltd, Rover Cars, Rubery Owen-Rockwell, SAAB (GB) Ltd, Sachs Automotive Components Ltd, Scania (Great Britain) Ltd, Schrader Automotive Products Division, Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Ltd and International Harvester, Self-Changing Gears Ltd, SKF (UK) Ltd and ‘Ball Bearing Journal’, Smallman Lubricants Ltd, Smiths Industries Ltd, Start Pilot Ltd, Subaru (UK)Ltd, SU Butec, Suzuki GB (Cars) Ltd, Telma Retarder Ltd, Alfred Teves GMBH, The Timken Co, Torotrak (Development) Ltd, Toyota (GB) Ltd, TRW Cam Gears Ltd, Steering Systems Ltd and Valves Ltd, Turner-Spicer, Valeo Clutches Ltd, Vandervalk Ltd, VL Churchill Ltd, Volkswagen (GB) Ltd (Audi), Volvo Concessionaires Ltd and Volvo Trucks, Yamaha-Mitsui Machinery Sales (UK) Ltd, The Zenith Carburetor Co. Ltd, ZF Group, UK.Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust by Dr. Stanley Hooker, page 6. General note: Increasing expertise in the design and construction of modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles makes them stronger. Now more than ever, it is important for service personnel to consult the vehicle manufacturer for the latest technical and modification information for a particular model, for both vehicle safety and customer satisfaction.

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