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  • What is a certificate?
  • Principle of order
  • Reasonable size
  • Number types
  • Access
  • The type of information it repeats
  • Eternal Father
  • Number theory
  • Status
  • Detailed drawings and detailed parts
  • Communication networks
  • Easy drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Counting
  • Sums and asymptotes
  • Main rules
  • Create functions
  • Options
  • Events and opportunities
  • Common variables
  • Divorce
  • Standard methods
  • Review
  • Review
  • Bibliography
  • Phonebook


This text explains how to use mathematical models and methods to analyze problems arising in computer science. Evidence plays an important role in this process because the authors share with many mathematicians the belief that evidence is necessary for understanding. Proof plays an important role in computer science; they are used to ensure that software and hardware always work correctly; This is something no test can do.

In short, evidence is a way of knowing the truth. ‘Truth’, like beauty, sometimes depends on the eye of the beholder, and this should not be said to be just another piece of evidence on the ground. For example, in the legal system, the correctness of the law is determined by the legislature based on the admissible evidence presented in the case. In business, an acceptable truth is presented by a trusted person or organization, or perhaps a boss.

Scientific facts1 in fields such as physics or biology have been confirmed by research. In mathematics, probability is determined by statistical analysis of sample data.

Philosophical proof involves evidence and belief, usually based on a series of small, valid arguments. A good example of this begins with “Cogito ergo sum,” a Latin phrase meaning “I think, therefore I am.” This expression comes from the early 17th century mathematician/philosopher René Descartes and is one of the most popular expressions in the world. world: search the internet and enter hits.1 In fact, scientific falsifications can only be proven through experiments; when experiments do not behave as predicted. However, no process can guarantee that the next process will not fail. For this reason, scientists often talk about theories that explain the past and what is expected from the future, rather than talking about the facts.

Part I Evidence It is a very nice and convincing idea to limit your existence because you think about your existence. However, with a few more arguments in this section, Descartes continues to conclude that an eternal God exists. Whether or not you believe in an eternal God, you can agree that the very brief “proof” that an eternal God must exist is far from it. Even in expert hands, this method is not reliable.

Mathematics has a special meaning of ‘proof’.” Description. A mathematical theorem is a set of logical inferences that lead to a theorem based on a fundamental axiom.

This definition introduces three main concepts: proposition, logical deduction, and axiom. Chapter 1 examines these three concepts and some basic methods for organizing evidence. Chapter 2 introduces the Good Quality Principle, a basic delivery method; Then, in Chapter 5, the closely related inductive method will be introduced.

If you are going to make an offer, you should understand very well what the offer means. To avoid ambiguity and ambiguity in ordinary language, mathematicians use language carefully and often express propositions using logical formulas; This is the subject of Chapter 3. The first three chapters assume that the reader is familiar with basic mathematical concepts such as fractions and functions. Chapters 4 and 7 present an overview of such mathematical models, a specific discussion, and the representation of infinite sets. Chapter 6 continues to examine the data types defined.

Mathematics is the study of the nature of numbers. This part of the text ends with Chapter 8, on numbers, because there are many mathematical proofs that are easy to pronounce and fun to show. This topic was once thought to have little or no practical use, but it has many applications in computer science. For example, many modern data storage systems are based on data.

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