Technical Math For Dummie ( Free PDF )

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For Dummies ( Math & Science ) Content Preface Technical occupations requiring technical mathematics (technical mathematics). This is true Why do we write Applied Mathematics for Beginners? If you’re there now Whether you work at a tech company or are in school, you’ve probably discovered that many jobs require math. Many areas of mathematical engineering

Mechanical Engineering Principles (Free PDF)

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Content Preface Principles of Mechanics 3 The Principles are intended to expand the reader’s knowledge of the basic principles underlying the design of machines and the construction of mechanical systems. The operation of modern technological systems and products still depends on stable and dynamic principles. Even seemingly electronic systems have a physical existence governed by

Engineering Mechanics ( Free PDF )

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Content Preface Statics and dynamics are simple topics withinside the standard field referred to as engineering mechanics.  At the danger of oversimplifying, engineering mechanics is that department of engineering this is involved with the conduct of our bodies below the motion of forces. Statics and dynamics shape the idea for among the traditional fields of

Engineering Rock Mechanics ( Free PDF)

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Content Preface What does this book say about the title Engineering Rock Mechanics? It generally refers to a mechanics-based discipline used to design buildings or structures. Building foundations, dams, slopes, canals, caves, energy systems, mines, etc. These structures are strongly influenced by the nature of the rock and the interaction between the rock and the

Construction Project Management ( Free PDF )

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A Practical Guide to Field Construction Management Content Preface This book is about the Critical Path Method (CPM), which is schedule-based planning used in the construction industry. The difference is that the effective book uses one example for the entire project to illustrate the system of planning, scheduling, project acceleration, resource management, time control, financial

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles ( Free PDF )

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Power Sources, Models, Sustainability, Infrastructure and the Market Content Preface Over the last 10-15 years, people have become familiar with vehicles powered not only by internal combustion engines (using gasoline, diesel or gas) but also by electric motors. These electric vehicles (HEVs) offer better fuel economy and lower emissions, but this is the first long