SPICE for Power Electronics and Electric Power (Free PDF )

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Content Preface Electronic power is usually provided as a technical means. It is a self-directed and interdisciplinary course that requires a background in mathematics, electrical networks, control systems, analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, electronics and electrical machines. Understanding the operation of an electronic circuit requires accurate knowledge of the short-term behavior of voltage and current

Electrical Machines ( Free PDF )

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Content Preface This book on ‘Electrical machines’ is written for students of electrical engineering. Engineering (EE) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from various Indian and Indian countries universities abroad. It will also be useful for candidates applying for AMIE, IETE, GATE, UPSC. Entrance exams for construction services and public services. We know that electrical

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles ( Free PDF )

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Power Sources, Models, Sustainability, Infrastructure and the Market Content Preface Over the last 10-15 years, people have become familiar with vehicles powered not only by internal combustion engines (using gasoline, diesel or gas) but also by electric motors. These electric vehicles (HEVs) offer better fuel economy and lower emissions, but this is the first long

Living off the Grid A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter ( Free PDF )

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Contents preface I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of some people to adapt to the wrong things. When I say less than perfect, I don’t mean missing the family’s favorite television set because the fuse blew in the rain or the casserole burned in the oven too long. I mean really painful, no electricity,

Electric Machinery and Transformers

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Contents Preface Electrical Machines and Transformers is written for junior/senior level students studying various types of electrical machines. Based on years of teaching experience, the book has been developed to provide maximum flexibility without losing continuity from one subject to another. We believe that this method will help the instructor easily adapt the material to