Electrical Machines ( Free PDF )


  • Electromagnetic channels
  • Magnetic field and its importance
  • Gravity and its analysis
  • Keywords
  • Comparison between magnetism and electricity
  • Calculate amperage of transformers
  • Gravity Series
  • Gravitational balance
  • Water leaks
  • Magnetization or B-H line
  • Magnetic hysteresis
  • Hysteresis loss
  • Importance of Hysteresis
  • Chapter practice questions
  • Input power
  • Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction
  • Direction of EMF
  • Emic
  • Strong emf
  • Independence
  • Collection
  • Collaboration
  • Induction in series together
  • Energy stored in electricity
  • AC excitation in circuit
  • Loss of vorticity
  • Chapter practice questions
  • Single phase inverters
  • Three-phase inverters
  • Electric generator
  • DC motor
  • Generators or dynamos
  • Parallel operation with other methods
  • Single engine
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Starting procedure and speed control of three-phase motors
  • Single engine
  • Special machines
  • Open book questions
  • Phone book


This book on ‘Electrical machines’ is written for students of electrical engineering.

Engineering (EE) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from various Indian and Indian countries universities abroad. It will also be useful for candidates applying for AMIE, IETE, GATE, UPSC.

Entrance exams for construction services and public services. We know that electrical energy and electrical machines have different uses. It plays an important role in industry and many other fields of science and technology. For this reason,

This book is not designed to be useful only to students taking electricity courses. In addition, to engineers, there are also applied engineers and technicians.

‘Electricity’ is taught in different universities under different names such as Electricity-I Machinery, electric power-II, direct current machines and transformers, electromagnetic power Conversion vehicles, special purpose machines, etc. All topics of the course have been reviewed in the same chapter. Therefore, the book contains the updated syllabus of all Indian and foreign universities. In general, students think that electrical machines are one of the most difficult subjects to understand., although numerous books have been written on the subject. Keeping this in mind, this the texts are organized systematically, with a strong emphasis on key concepts.

Each chapter of the book contains much-needed, well-supported and explanatory text Fig.for plural. Lots of solved and unsolved cases examples have been added to different sections so that students can try different question types. In the test, the came out without any problems. In-class practice questions added to all sections constantly learning and understanding. There is plenty of material at the end of each chapter Added quizzes, short answer questions, test questions and unsolved examples for you to solve the bookies a complete and comprehensive book.

The author does not claim original research in preparing the text. Available materials research works of well-known authors were used free of charge. But the author says he made this up-content points in order. He also says that the language of the text is difficult.is simple and easy to understand.

Although every effort has been made to eliminate errors, they are still very difficult to implement.

perfection. I hope this book will be useful to users (students, teachers and professionals). I will be am very grateful to the readers (students and teachers) and users of this book who point out any errors.

may have arrived. Suggestions for improving the book are greatly appreciated.

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