Electric powertrain energy systems, power electronics & drives for hybrid, electric & fuel cell vehicles


  • Vehicles and energy sources
  • Electricity consumption and the environment
  • A brief history of electric powertrains
  • The birth of the electric car
  • Power is back
  • The ultimate triumph of the electric powertrain 6 power sources for propulsion and exhaust
  • Air pollutants
  • Example: Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuel
  • Parking emissions and emissions
  • Effects of NOx
  • The arrival of the commandments
  • Independent thought and spiritual transmission
  • Heavy vehicle regulations
  • Cycling
  • EPA bicycles
  • BEV fuel consumption, range
  • Emissions from conventional energy and electricity
  • Cradle on wheels and grave
  • Emissions from electricity
  • Example: Electric current determination
  • Overview of conventional electric, battery, hybrid and fuel systems
  • Standard IC motor drive
  • BEV
  • HEV
  • HEV series
  • Balance HEV
  • Series balance HEV
  • CEV
  • Comparison and efficiency of conventional, hybrid, battery and fuel cell vehicles;
  • Comparative study of conventional, hybrid, battery-powered, and fuel-cell vehicles
  • Comparing cars and other forms of transportation
  • Explanation
  • Continue reading
  • Questions
  • Responsibility
  • Vehicle performance
  • Vehicle load
  • Basic forces, forces, and acceleration relationships 41 Aerodynamic drag
  • Example: aircraft drag
  • Example: aircraft traction and fuel consumption
  • Drag resistance
  • Ford Explorer recall
  • Mercedes A-Class in the 1990s
  • Tesla Model S in 2013
  • Example: opposition
  • Off-road vehicle load according to EPA Test-Low
  • Battery power online
  • Example: BEV level location of resistive speed
  • Example: estimated BEV level
  • Example: effects of auxiliary loads on the line


“A wise man does not seek quick results. He doesn’t expect his initial idea to be taken lightly. His works are like the works of the future. Its mission is to lay the foundations of the future and show the way.” Nikola Tesla (1856–1943). “A composer is just a man who does not take his education seriously. Charles Kettering (1876-1958) “A well-defined problem is a partially solved problem. Charles Kettering. This book describes the evolution of technology that has had a huge impact on the world. The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of electric vehicles and provide insight into the factors leading to the worldwide adoption of the technology. The story told in this book is largely based on technology first developed in Detroit, California, and Japan. However, this technology is spreading all over the world as it is adopted by the Germans, French, Chinese, Koreans and other manufacturers around the world. automotive technology and electrical machinery are products of the nineteenth century; Semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries and PEM cells are products of the twentieth century. These technologies play an important role in transportation at the beginning of the 21st century and are becoming an integral part of modern automobiles. I had the privilege of working on General Motors’ EV1 electric vehicle program in Southern California for ten years. The EV1 is the first electric vehicle developed for production in modern times. I even met my wife, Mary, a mechanical engineer from Detroit, while working on EV1; We were both developing a new wiring method known as inductive interference. I left the automotive industry and returned to Ireland to teach, but my teaching and research still focuses on automotive-related topics. The ancestral home of the Ford family, from which William Ford fled to America during the Great Irish Famine of 1847, is closely linked to automotive history on the south coast of Ireland. His son Henry Ford could read and write. A Michigan farmer, he grew up changing the industry and creating what we now call the mass consumer market. While staying away from the developmental narrative can be very helpful in writing and teaching, it is important not to isolate or separate such development from it. My writing partner, Abas Goodarzi, is a former colleague of mine who lives and works to introduce new technologies. Abas and I began working together in October 1990 at the Hughes General Aviation plant in Culver City, California. Abas pursued the electric vehicle after leading the development of electric powertrains for the EV1. After working at other startups, Abas founded US Hybrid, where he remains CEO. US Hybrid is a company that specializes in providing batteries, hybrids and hybrids for public transportation. Together, we were part of the engineering team that developed the most efficient of the technologies discussed in this book. The modern car is a great teaching topic because it is a consumer product that all students, families and friends can relate to and talk about. It also features engineering marvels such as energy storage, combustion engines, electric motors, power electronics and more. The format of this book is intended to explain how these techniques work in the tool as a whole and become more technical as the book or chapter progresses. The book contains questions and assignments regarding various technical methods for students. The reader can try these depending on his level. Automotive and Electrical Engineering has a rich history with the contributions of many great people. For this reason, their words are included at the beginning of the chapter. There’s usually a story or philosophy behind them… and they’re often interesting and thought-provoking.

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