Electric Motors Drives


  • Introduction to rotation
  • Magnetic field and magnetic field
  • Gravitational density
  • Turn on the controller
  • Gravity channels
  • Magnetic Force (MMF)
  • Electric equation
  • Air gap
  • Refusal to breathe air
  • Indulge
  • Magnetic lines in motor
  • Torque output
  • Size of fire
  • The beauty of snoring
  • Special freight and special charges
  • unusual loads
  • Torque and engine speed
  • Specific force output – the importance of speed
  • Energy transfer – EMF movements
  • lemon engine – static state
  • Force interaction – a leader moving at constant speed
  • Equivalent circuit
  • Condition of the car
  • Behavior without machine load
  • behavior and weight of the machine
  • Relative magnitude of V and E and efficiency
  • Primary engine analysis – results
  • General advantages of electric motors
  • Heating and cooling usage
  • Torque per sound
  • Power per unit – the importance of speed
  • Size range – specific lamp and capacity
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Voltage rating
  • More than a short period of time


Developments in the world of electrical machinery are more static than dramatic; This means that the revision of the second edition requires a slight revision of the material covering the methods and causes of engines; but the explanation has been expanded in many areas, especially here. The positions showed that more clarity was needed. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to add a section on the induction motor equivalent circuit because familiarity with equivalent circuit terminology is necessary for serious discussions with motor suppliers or engineers. But those opposed to the circuit focus can rest assured that they can skip Chapter 7 without compromising their ability to tackle the next chapter on induction motors. The field of power electronics has grown since the book was published in 1993, but there is no need for real change, although voltage and current standards for switching devices continue to evolve and include the integration of electronic and electrical devices. For a radical revision of the material in the second book. Most inverters now use IGBT or MOSFET devices, but the old bipolar transistor symbol was retained in the design because it has the advantage of indicating the direction of current, making circuit operation easier to understand. The nature of the book expresses my preferences informally, not hiding the difficulty of mastering new ideas. Choosing the right level of integration was initially difficult, but experience has shown that descriptive methods and practical explanations should be good, with numbers kept to a minimum to simplify the process. Significant values ​​(e.m.f. ideas in the engine or the need to change strategy in the converter) are deliberately repeated to reinforce coherence, but should not overwhelm the reader who has already ‘got the message’. I was hoping to continue without the numbered heads because everything always seems easy to me, but the cross without counting is so difficult that I eventually had to give up. I have deliberately not included all the magnetic field calculations or the results of the best engine simulation tools currently available because experience shows that a simple design is as good a working tool. All graphics have been redesigned and new ones have been added. Assessment questions have been added to the end of each chapter. The number of questions reveals a lot about how I view a brother We emphasize the importance of each section and aim to build trust and can be used in a variety of ways. The user of the drives should not complain about the basic machine problems described in the first two sections, but can benefit from the resolution of requirements-related problems in the following sections. In most cases forensic simulations are necessary, and in some cases insufficient or too much information is available: this is intentional and aims to reveal the truth. Answers to Math problems are printed in the book; with full exercises and answers on the website at http://books. otherwise, four. com/travelers/0750647183. The best way to find out is to do an unaided test before consulting a solution; therefore, the extra effort spent searching the site will likely lead to better practices. Anyway, my sample answer couldn’t have been better!

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