Basics of Human Andrology ( Free PDF )

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A Textbook Content Preface Male fertility rates are falling worldwide. The Y chromosome shrinks in size over generations and may eventually disappear during evolution. These colleagues demonstrated a high proportion of X chromosome sperm in the ejaculate and suggested that Y chromosome sperm be eliminated during their passage through the male reproductive tract. However, male

BME Brochure PAGES ( Free PDF )

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Content Preface Michael King, chair of biomedical engineering, led the department’s 50th anniversary with a strong agenda. It has renewed the department’s external advisory board and plans to add seven new faculty members in the coming years. He has made it his mission to raise awareness of the department, which is a five-minute drive from


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Content Preface This paper specializes in the manufacturing of a powerful and reasonably-priced piezoelectric cloth for the utility in magnetoelectric 1-three composite sensors. The idea is to use porous and piezoelectric Ip because the matrix cloth. In the second one step a multilayer stack including NiFe / FeGa displaying large magneto strictive conduct could be

Basic Statistics ( Free PDF )

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A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences 4th Ed Content Preface This book is designed as a semester textbook in biostatistics for students or researchers in the field of biology. We have also included resources that will be useful for physicians, public health professionals and nurses who participate in research projects and want to not only

Python Programming ( Free PDF )

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An Introduction to Computer Science Content Preface When the publisher first sent me a draft of this book, I was immediately intrigued. Disguised as a Python book, this book is actually an introduction to the beautiful art of programming using only Python as the preferred method for beginners. I have always thought that Python would